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Fruit tea

"Dogrose with a Red Mountain Ash" tea drink.
Description: the crushed dogrose berries with addition of berries of a red mountain ash.
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14 $
Tea drink
Description: Vitamin-rich drink on the basis of hibiscus petals with pieces of apples, pineapple, a dogrose and raisin.
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19 $
The Summer Conversation tea drink (A linden with mint).
Description: Tea drink of color of amber with fresh aroma of mint and notes of the blossoming linden in an after vkusiya.
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30 $
Fruit Mix tea drink.
Description: Structure: pieces of an apricot, apple and pineapple, barberry, dogrose, hibiscus, oils.
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21 $
Sweet Kiss tea drink.
Description: pieces of strawberry, pineapple, a papaya and segment of orange - with petals of a carthamus and a calendula.
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27 $
Berry Collecting tea drink.
Description: petals of a hibiscus, berry of a hawthorn, red mountain ash and bird cherry and also leaves of fresh cowberry, sunflower petals, flakes of carrots and sepals of cloudberries.
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18 $
Orchard tea drink.
Description: Vitamin-rich drink on the basis of hibiscus petals with berries of a dogrose, raisin, pieces of blackberry, strawberry and gentle caramel aroma.
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20 $
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