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Technical service

Our Coffee Master company offers services in repair and service of coffee machines and coffee grinders of any complexity.
Any equipment, especially coffee machines require constant care and cleaning.
If your coffee machine or grinder is out of order, please contact us. We have experience in repair and maintenance of coffee machines of any complexity.

                                                         Cost of services:

- install coffee machine - 22$

- dry cleaning of one group - 12$ , two groups-24$ 

diagnosis exit - 8$

- cleaning of pipes from 30$

- replacement under a group of gum - 12$  (including the gasket and work)

- cleaning valves - 30$

- water sensor cleaning and level adjustment - 15$

- pump replacement (without pump) - 50$

- full decalcification barrel -215$

We will be happy to help You.


Tel: +996702713916 (what's up)

                                                        As Our company enters into

Contracts for maintenance and repair of coffee machines for restaurants, cafes and coffee shops.

The company in the person of the master undertakes to carry out maintenance of the coffee machine of the Customer. The list of works provided in the framework of routine maintenance:

                                                           № Work name

A General diagnosis of the operation of the machine.
Cleaning the grinder.
Setting the grinder.
Cleaning the cappuccino.
Cleaning the coffee bean hopper.
Cleaning the coffee dispenser.
Control Board diagnostics.
Check the temperature conditions of the thermo-block.
Cleaning the brewing device.
Check the tightness of the thermo-block.
Recommendations for the installation of the necessary water hardness.
Cleaning the drip-collector contacts.
Setting the causes of extraneous noise when starting and operating the coffee machine.
The company undertakes to provide services for the repair of the customer's coffee machine. Spare parts needed to repair the coffee machine, the Contractor acquires its own. Payment for spare parts is made by the Customer.

The cost mestnogo service 50$

Coffee Master
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