Best Italian coffee
Drink coffee drinks with milk only until noon. Many people have heard about it, but not everyone knows what it is connected with. In fact, the reduction in milk consumption in the afternoon is due to the fact that in the evening it is poorly absorbed by the body and slows down metabolism. But a Cup of strong coffee on the contrary helps to stimulate it, so in Italy it is customary to drink espresso (caffè) after a meal to digest the eaten.
Popular product
Green tea
Green tea of a grade a ganpauder with a camomile.
20.34 $
Green tea "Summer cocktail".
Description: Green tea with shredded almonds and berries - elder, red currant, strawberry and raspberry.
29.53 $
Chinese elite
Province: Yunnan Description: shu Pu-erh is pressed small I sharpen. Tea leaves are pressed in the form of small nests.
23 $
Tea black Chinese "Pu-erh".
Province: Yunnan Description: Sheet шу Pu-erh.
23 $
Chinese elite tea
Description: the dried-up jasmine buds.
35 $
Tea black "Strawberry raspberry".
Description: Blend krupnolistovykh of grades of quality black tea.
28.9 $
Tea black
Description: Mix of the Chinese, Ceylon and Indian teas.
16 $
Lemon tea powder DA Punto It
Lemon tea powder DA Punto It
8.05 $
Tea black "Wild berry".
Blend of black tea with leaves and pieces of berries of strawberry and the crushed blackberry berries.
26.37 $
Prospero tea black with taste of
Description: Tea black with addition of berries and leaves of strawberry and gentle creamy, strawberry aroma.
14.2 $
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